Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cub Scouts Camp

Hello, and the first thing I'd like to say is that I'm sorry that I haven't been doing many posts recently. The reason for this is because last Friday, after school, I went to Cub Scouts camp.

My mom picked me up after school, and after that , we drove over to my friend Clarence's house. There I got changed into my Cub Scouts uniform and then after that, we went over to school to catch the bus to go to camp. I waved goodbye, and the bus started.

When we got to the campsite, the first thing we did was to go to our dorms.We then did our beds and then we unpacked. We then were sorted into groups and then we went off to do some activities. Our first stop was archery. I admit it: I'm terrible at using a bow, so I was pleasantly surprised when one of my arrows hit the target.

Next we went to cycling. We got on our (rented) bikes, and we all got helmets that didn't fit us. I was very comfortable on a bike, but the same can not be said for some of my group members. After that we went to the roller blade station. It turns out that I was the only one who knew how to do roller blading, and so everyone was falling over, so sadly, we didn't stay there long.

After that we had lunch and then we were sorted into different groups. Then we did more activities, and then we went back to our dorms, then we had a bit of a play, had dinner, and then we had a night hike.

The night hike wasn't hard, but there was a no-torch rule and of course, there were beams of light everywhere. At the end of the hike, it was like 9:45, and then we drank hot cocoa and had some snacks. After that, (Without showering! >:D), we went to bed.

 Compared to some of the others, I slept pretty well, and I woke up early in the morning. We got up, then we had breakfast. Then, for the rest of the day, we did fun activities in our groups.

After that, we went to an an amazing dinner with hot dogs and burgers, and after that, we went to the campfire. It was massive, and then we sang songs, and each troop had a different song. Our song was something like this (I did not make up the lyrics):

I have a baby bumblebee,
Won't my mommy be surprised at me,
I have a baby bumblebee. 

Oooh! Eee! The bee stung me!

I'm squashing up my baby bumblebee,
Won't my mommy be surprised at me,
I'm squashing up my baby bumblebee. 

Oooh! Eee! I'm all sticky! 

I'm licking up my baby bumblebee,
Won't my mommy be surprised at me,
I'm licking up my baby bumblebee. 

Oooh! Eee! The bee's in me!

I'm throwing up my baby bumblebee.
Won't my mommy be surprised at me,
I'm throwing up my baby bumblebee.

Oooh! Eee! There's my bee!

I'm digging up my baby bumblebee.
Won't my mommy be surprised at me,
I'm digging up my baby bumblebee.

Oooh! Eee! The bee's all gone.

We sang this in front of all the other scout troops. After the campfire, we went to drink some hot cocoa, and then we went back to our rooms, and then to bed.

On the third day, we did our last activity and then we ate lunch. After that we had some free time around the campsite. At the souvenir store, I found this glitched arcade game that gave extra prizes, so me and my friends pooled our money and took turns playing it, and kept the prizes for our families as souvenirs.

After that, we did a few more small things, and then we got on the bus to go home. Overall, I think this is probably going to be one of my best camps this academic year. 

Overall for this camp: 100/100.

I hope to do this next year!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Pizza Poem

Today, we had Pizza lunch. The pizza was really tasty. So tasty, I found a poem about it! *Ahem...

The Pizza Lament
Now I'm a pizza-driver
I drive them as a job 
What really pizzas me off
Is the pizza eating mob. 

The first one is the tourist 
A likely place to start 
He's the other side of woop-woop 
But his tips have got no heart 

Number two is little grandma 
And just to hassle me 
She'll ask," What's on all your pizzas, 
And which one's going free." 

Now because I drive at night, 
The light's not always great 
And a black cow is the one thing 
That at speed I really hate. 

'Cause it's anchors on and pray 
That you miss the bloomin' beast. 
(The pizza and the garlic bread's 
All over the front seat.) 

So I pick up all the pieces, 
And stuff 'em in the bag 
Nobody'll notice it 
Mark it 'discount' on the tag. 

And as for misty weather, 
You should try and drive through that,
Or stepping in a puddle, 
Or stepping on a cat.

And how about the spiders, 
Or the webs across my face, 
Or all those little swear words 
That I said at someone's place. 

Yes, I love driving pizzas, 
And getting soaking wet, 
But as I hear you laugh, 
The last laugh I'll have yet.

For when I came to work 
My false teeth were in my care, 
And somebody in Pizza-land, 
Has eaten them unaware.

-Kevin Greig

Well, hope you enjoyed this little poem! Please don't take any offence if you're a pizza driver, I didn't make this poem. The purpose of this post is to say thanks to my mom who bought me pizza lunch today.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Book Recommendations (2)

Some kids don't like reading books. That's fine with me. Some kids love reading books. That's also fine with me. But whether you think that there are benefits or pitfalls in reading, these books will have you reading every second of the day. And before you know it, you'll be asking your mother, "Can you please get this book for me?" And if you do decide to buy them or borrow them from the library, BE WARNED! These books can be extremely addicting. Hope you enjoy!

    By Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.
Ever been doing something that you really enjoy, that eventually that thing is the only thing in the world, and it takes your mother three, no four times to call you for dinner before you notice?
Reading this series is pretty much the same thing. Once you start reading, you can't stop. The last book just recently came out, so I thought I would do a book spotlight on it. It's about a kid called Percy Jackson who finds out he's a Half-Blood - A kid who is part human, part god. But with monsters attacking every few feet, how is he supposed to survive and save the world at the same time?

2: Harry Potter
    By J.K. Rowling

Everybody knows Harry Potter and his many adventures. My mom keeps trying to get me to read new books, because ever since she introduced this series to me, I can't stop reading it. I know that the famous Harry Potter stories are really well-known, but I just had to do a book reccomendation on this, as you can't leave out a book this popular and this amazing. I have yet to find a kid older than me who hasn't read at least one of the Harry Potter stories. It's about a kid named Harry who attends Hogwarts, a school of witchcraft and wizardry.  There he learns spells and battles an enemy called Lord Voldemort. The reason: Harry Potter is a wizard!

3: Wolf Brother
     By Michelle Paver

This book is really amazing. Hooking you in, it makes you more and more interested to read. I came across this in my Battle of the Books reading list. It all begins with the death of Torak's father. He sends 12-year old Torak to go on a mission. A mission that all others before him had failed. Along the way, he teams up with a wolf cub and together their task is to find their way to the mountain of the world spirit - or die trying. Along the way, they meet vicious hunters, an aggressive tribe, and a malevolent bear.

I hope you have enjoyed this reading list, and do try to borrow some of these books from you local library or order them online. I will make another book reccomendation soon, so stay tuned to this blog!

Top soundtracks 2

This is another top soundtracks post. These posts show most of my favorite soundtracks that I like to listen to whilst doing stuff. In fact, I'm listening to a few soundtracks right now! Sorry there isn't as much soundtracks as my last post, but I'll just try to do 5 on these posts. If you want me to do more soundtracks on each post, let me know! Hope you like electric music and techno, because if you do, let's go! Note: these are not in order from best to worst.

1: True Face

An amazing soundtrack by the amazing DJVI. This fast paced, awesomeness packed, soundtrack just makes you feel awesome.

2: Strikebeam

A fast, action packed soundtrack by Waterflame89. This futuristic music is the type of music that I like. It makes you feel like you have a lot of energy that you want to release. This futuristic, amazing music makes it to the top.

3: Andromeda  

I was watching DJVI's newest video,the DJVI MegaMix,(I was the 5th Viewer) then I saw this near the bottom of the page. I decided to check it out. And I was very lucky I did because now I can't stop listening to this soundtrack. I like it because it's just awesome.

4: Children
Robert Miles.

I first heard about this from my dad, who likes the same type of music that I do. Well, most of the time. But I'm betting he regretted showing it to me, because I use the computer to listen to it so often that he can't hear his music! I like the speed and rhythm of this soundtrack, and the fact that it has about 7 million views on YouTube just goes to show how awesome this is.


5: Flight

An amazing, amazing soundtrack from an amazing, amazing youtube channel. I listened to it once, and now I just can't get enough of it. One of the best things I ever heard. As I'm writing this, I'm actually listening to it. After listening to this soundtrack, you'll be longing to see more.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog post on some of the top soundtracks! If you would like to see more of these soundtracks, please leave a comment saying what you think of the songs. Until next time,


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Book Recommendations (1)

Some Year 5 students hate reading books, but I actually like reading them. I would recommend this list to Y3-Y6 students who like reading. These might not be just the books but the entire series as well. Let's begin.

Ghost Knight (by Cornelia Funke)

This is a really gripping read and it has suspense, action, and humor. The story is really good and the author must be really creative to think of such a great story. I first came across it doing a reading club.  From what my friends said, it was pretty good; when I finally read it, I found that it was indeed amazing!

It is about a kid who can see ghosts. He calls upon the ghost of the knight Sir Longespee for protection. But can Sir Longespee be trusted?

It's sad that there aren't any more books in this series. I'm looking forward to reading this author's other books!                                                                 

The City of Ember (by Jeanne DePrau)

Now a major motion picture, this gripping, intense read will hook you in. You probably wont be able to put this book down, even if you wanted to. Because of a nuclear war, the people built a city underground to hide their people. This story's suspense and amount of amazing use of words will have you reading all day.  

The Mysterious Benedict Society (Trenton Lee Stewart)

Gripping, amazing and original, each word makes you want to read more. Trenton Lee Stewart has cooked up a legendary series that captures the minds of readers everywhere. The more you read, the more you love it. Also, it's about kids, which is one of the good points. It's about a test which only the most intelligent kids can pass. Those who pass will be sent on a mission...

I hope you have enjoyed this book recommendation list! I will try to do a list like this maybe once a week.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Top Soundtracks (1)

Don't you just love listening to music while you play games/watch TV/read books?  I really do.  These following soundtracks are some of my top picks. If you are a classic music/bedtime songs type of guy, you won't exactly agree with me. But if you like  techno music and electric music, let's go!

(Not in order from best to worst)

1.  Can't let Go (DJVI) - This is my all time favorite. And for some reason, I always do better when I'm listening to this song. It's got no words, but hey, with this much awesomeness, who cares?

2.  Active (DJVI) - Another song by DJVI, The speed and the sound is music to my ears. I always listen to this type of music when I go on my computer and I do better.

3.  Reconnect (DJVI) - Yet another DJVI soundtrack, this epic music takes away my worries and troubles.

4.  Glorious Morning 2 (Waterflame89) - Featured in a few games, this amazing music is one of my old favorites.

5. Velocity Wings (Waterflame89) - Fast and epic, it's just nice to listen to.

6.  Mind games (DJVI) - A fast soundtrack, amazing to listen to and just do your thing.

7.  Eternity (DJVI) - I love nearly all techno, but this is one of my favorites. Its speed, rhythm, and beat are perfect for me.

8. Alpha Stage (DJVI) - This futuristic music puts that touch of epic-ness in my day.

9.  GodRay (WaterFlame89) - This calming music brings me nostalgia and peace, but it's still epic all the same.

10.  To the Stars (MonsterCat) - This is all the element from the last songs burned into one. Epic-ness, nostalgia, rebellious, and futuristic.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Petition (!) #KidsAroundTheWorld

Who, in the world, thinks that parents should spend more money on their children? I do. This petition will help mistreated kids around the world get money from their parents.

Parents, click on this link to donate to a special child somewhere in the world.


Mom, Dad, if you are reading this: Can I please get a rank from the KrunchyKraft store? Click Here to do so. Plus, they're selling all items 90% off right now anyways...

Xtremeo with an X

This is a test post for my awesome, awesome  new blog, The Xtremeo Files.  Please note that Xtremeo is spelled with an [X].  Thank you!