Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Top Soundtracks (1)

Don't you just love listening to music while you play games/watch TV/read books?  I really do.  These following soundtracks are some of my top picks. If you are a classic music/bedtime songs type of guy, you won't exactly agree with me. But if you like  techno music and electric music, let's go!

(Not in order from best to worst)

1.  Can't let Go (DJVI) - This is my all time favorite. And for some reason, I always do better when I'm listening to this song. It's got no words, but hey, with this much awesomeness, who cares?

2.  Active (DJVI) - Another song by DJVI, The speed and the sound is music to my ears. I always listen to this type of music when I go on my computer and I do better.

3.  Reconnect (DJVI) - Yet another DJVI soundtrack, this epic music takes away my worries and troubles.

4.  Glorious Morning 2 (Waterflame89) - Featured in a few games, this amazing music is one of my old favorites.

5. Velocity Wings (Waterflame89) - Fast and epic, it's just nice to listen to.

6.  Mind games (DJVI) - A fast soundtrack, amazing to listen to and just do your thing.

7.  Eternity (DJVI) - I love nearly all techno, but this is one of my favorites. Its speed, rhythm, and beat are perfect for me.

8. Alpha Stage (DJVI) - This futuristic music puts that touch of epic-ness in my day.

9.  GodRay (WaterFlame89) - This calming music brings me nostalgia and peace, but it's still epic all the same.

10.  To the Stars (MonsterCat) - This is all the element from the last songs burned into one. Epic-ness, nostalgia, rebellious, and futuristic.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Petition (!) #KidsAroundTheWorld

Who, in the world, thinks that parents should spend more money on their children? I do. This petition will help mistreated kids around the world get money from their parents.

Parents, click on this link to donate to a special child somewhere in the world.


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Xtremeo with an X

This is a test post for my awesome, awesome  new blog, The Xtremeo Files.  Please note that Xtremeo is spelled with an [X].  Thank you!