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Light Warriors - (8) - Lord Magma

When Xtremeo woke, he was tied to a tree. Getting free wasn't hard - whoever had tied those knots was obviously an amateur. A sharp branch freed his legs whilst a slash with his teeth opened up the ropes on his hands. He had no weapons, and Atomo and Seebercon were nowhere to be seen. He reached around in his pockets for anything useful and found the star key chain that was his trusty blade, Morning Star. He pressed down on the lock and watched as it slowly grew into a golden double-edged sword with a familiar weight.  "Not that it'll do any good against that tank," thought Xtremeo.

He saw a glow that illuminated the dark forest. He checked the sky. It was was the dead of night. A pitch black sky hung in the air, no clouds, no moon, and no stars. He walked towards the bright glow. Two men sat around a small ring of tents, probably exchanging campfire stories. One of them held a machine gun loosely in his left hand. The first man had a scar over his eye and blond hair. The other one looked like a stereotypical evil movie villain - a man in a dark cloak with glowing red eyes that seemed filled with flames. His hood was up, so with only his eyes glowing his face seemed red.

Slowly he sneaked up on the first man. He grabbed a fistful of blond hair and swung that machine gun into the man's face. The man with the fiery eyes pulled down his cloak to reveal armor that may once have shone silver.

Xtremeo then saw the black dagger strapped to his belt - his other sword Oblivion. Suddenly, defying the laws of nature, the mans hands lit up in flames. In flames. Xtremeo blinked. Suddenly a wave of fire surged out of his body. Xtremeo brought up a massive slab of rock and ducked. The smoke blinded him. He heard the charging of feet and instinctively he raised his sword. He heard the clang of metal against metal. He forced his eyes open and swung blindly, not expecting to hit anything. He saw Morning Star scrape against the fire guy's armor plates. Xtremeo swept Morning Star up in a wide arc, and noticed something. Morning Star had a green button on it's hilt. Instinctively he pressed it and swept downwards followed by a feint and a strike. But his opponent was quick. He anticipated the feint and slashed upwards. Xtremeo noticed Morning Star emitting a kind of golden light, but he couldn't focus on that.

Suddenly, the flames around him dimmed and the grass flattened. His opponent roared and fired beams after beams of fire into Xtremeo's golden bubble shield.

"You think you can defeat me?" His opponent roared.

Xtremeo suddenly had an idea. He dived into the fire guy and sent him flying. Suddenly the green button stopped glowing and the bubble shield disappeared. Xtremeo swung up Morning Star in a deadly arc and lashed out with a kick. His opponent, caught by surprise, fell to the ground hollering. Xtremeo held his blade to his throat. 

`You think you can defeat me?" his opponent roared. 'You think you can defeat me? I am Lord Magma! I will crush your soul for this!" 

Lord Magma blasted himself off the ground with a jet of fire and unleashed a torrent of flames.
And then he dropped unconscious.

Xtremeo blinked. "What?"

Seebercon held a pistol with a smoking barrel. STUN MODE it said on the side. It had a red trigger and a glowing electric blue sphere at the top. Atomo walked into the clearing with a similar gun. Both of them looked tired, their clothes torn and muddy. Atomo tossed Xtremeo an identical pistol. Xtremeo tossed his old pistol into a stream and holstered Atomo's one.

"We found these in one of the tents," Atomo said.

"They shoot some sort of cool electric beam that can stun, kill, or melt," added Seebercon, "and there are a lot of other buttons we haven't figured out."

Xtremeo held the pistol in a two-handed grip and motioned them to come to the tent. There was a shape moving inside. Suddenly, the shape disappeared.


Suddenly, Atomo was grabbed from behind. Atomo slammed his gun into his attacker's head. There was a loud crack, and Atomo turned and fired. But there was nobody there.

"This is freaky." said Atomo

"Let's get outta here." Xtremeo agreed.

The three boys ran towards a nearby motorcycle. Seebercon revved the engine, and they sped off, leaving the crows and the withered branches behind them.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Home Invasion - [1] - Home Invasion

I was thinking about school one day, when a thought came to mind. What happens when you mix action with school? That is how I came up with the new idea for my new series, Home Invasion. It is about kids who have to fight off bad guys with whiteboard markers, superglue, scissors, and other school supplies.

So, here it is!
                                                                    CHAPTER 1
                                                                  Home Invasion
I woke to the sound of shouting.


Ms. Smith was the strictest teacher in the school. It was just my luck that I ended up in her class. So of course, instead of "Go to the corner!", Or "Miss your recess!", it was a


SMAK! SMAK! SMAK! She wouldn't let me go until my bottom was a bloody hunk of meat.

My bottom was too sore, so I squatted. My best friend, Alex, passed me a note. It read:


To my dismay, this was true. Pains raced through every vein in my body as I sat down onto the chair. I just hoped it wouldn't be too bad by the end of the day. And of course, when I got home, it would be my fault that I had stained my white school jeans red. And then not only would my butt be sore, so would my back.

"Turn to page 23 of your algebra textbook!" shouted Ms. Smith.

I sighed angrily and flipped my textbook to page 23. And that's when the door was kicked down. 

A man with a purple mask and a  black suit burst into the room. He said in a harsh, sharp voice
"We are taking over this school. Hand over your valuables and you will be treated leniently."

Ms. Smith got to her feet.  "And what if we refuse?" she said in a voice that bubbled with fury.

All of a sudden, he had a gun in his hand, pointed straight at Ms Smith's face. She went pale and passed out. Even though he had a mask on, I could see him smile. Slowly, the students handed over their watches and bracelets and playing cards and earrings. The man gathered all the valuables and left the room. 

At first, everyone was too terrified to talk. Then, at last, Alex spoke up. "What are we going to do?"
And the classroom buzzed into conversation. I walked over to Alex. I saw my reflection in his spectacles. I looked pale and terrified. Alex looked like one of his elderly relatives had just had a heart attack. He buried his face in his hands.

"What are we going to do?" he said again.

"I don't know." My voice was almost in a whisper.

I took my metal ruler. I stuffed it into my belt. 

"What are you doing?"   Alex questioned.

"We could fight our way out of here!" I whispered back excitedly.

I've seen movies where a load of people get held up by a robber or someone, but they fight their way out with champagne bottles and forks and butter knives and stuff like that, so I figured we could do the same.

"Are you insane?" asked Alex. "We could get killed!"

"And what's the alternative?"

"Run away!" he replied! "At least we escape with our lives!"

It suddenly dawned on me that this was not a drill. This was serious.  And one wrong move would cost us our lives.                                                                 

Light Warriors - (7) - Battle of the ancient woods

A bullet whizzed by. Atomo dodged and squeezed off two shots. He had no way of knowing if any of them had hit. A cry of pain and rage sounded from behind them. Good, so he had hit something. Something whizzed by his left ear. He kept running. He heard a bang noise, and instinctively rolled behind a large rock that stuck out of the ground like a knife. He glimpsed a bullet whizzing by and was glad that he hid behind cover. He saw Xtremeo knock a gun out of an opponent's hand and sweep his sword in a wide arc, cleaving his opponent's gun hand in two. The man screamed and Xtremeo spun and his mud stained boot hit the man's face hard. The man collapsed, and Xtremeo deflected a bullet away with his golden sword. Where and how Xtremeo was trained, Atomo didn't know, but he was good.

Atomo saw a figure rushing him with a dagger of some sort. He squeezed the trigger of his gun, but only heard a soft clicking noise. Damn. The man's knuckles slammed into his jaw with the force of a meteor. A second later, the gun was knocked from his hands. His vision was dimming. "No," he told himself. His eyes snapped open and saw his opponent staring into his eyes. Atomo bit his enemy on the nose. His opponent's eyes widened, and the man fell. Atomo got up and brought his pellet gun from his bag. It was a good thing that it was the pellet gun that he brought and not one of those stupid water pistols.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Seebercon fending off an enemy with two pistols. He must have snagged a gun from his opponent, because Atomo was sure that Seebercon hadn't had two guns to begin with. His enemy was using some sort of rock as a shield, and held an semi-automatic in the other. Atomo snagged the  dagger from his opponent. It looked like a pretty cool dagger. For some reason, it was still in some sort of a sheath. He unsheathed it, and a gleaming silver blade with a hilt of ruby met his eyes. It looked pretty cool, but he had no time to waste. He threw it as hard as he could, and it soared through the air. But instead of impaling itself in Seebercon's opponent's skull, it just bounced lazily off his head with a dull thunk. He fired off a round of pellets, and each of them hit it's mark. Smoke curled off the barrel of his pistol. His target turned towards him and closed his eyes. "What the hell?" said Seebercon.

Suddenly, the man was floating upside down. No, wait, he was walking upside down. Suddenly, he shifted again, and he was on the ground in front of Xtremeo. Xtremeo slashed out with his swords, but the man shifted his gravity again and floated upwards. The man pressed a button on his arm, and suddenly his boots had flames coming out of the bottom of them. Rocket boots. Atomo had to admit that this he was a little jealous. 

The man pointed his gun to the ground and started firing. "Aw, hell," Xtremeo managed to say before the bullets spat rapidly from the gun. Atomo let loose another round of pellets and all of them hit their mark. However, although blood stained the man's clothes, he didn't seem hurt. He shifted his aim, and suddenly he was firing at Atomo. A bullet slammed into the floating man's shoulder and he roared in pain. The steady stream of bullets coming from the man's gun cut off. So he could be hurt, Atomo thought. 

Xtremeo was carrying twin pistols, both shining in the moonlight. The floating guy turned towards them. Burning hatred shone clearly in his coal black eyes, and underneath that there was a controlled wariness. He sneered, and turned towards Xtremeo and Atomo, silently asking them to make the first move. 

But the man had forgotten about Seebercon. A silver blade that was glowing green impaled itself in the floating man's skull. His eyes widened in shock, and he went slack. His corpse hung in mid-air, suspended by the rocket boots. Suddenly, Atomo heard a rumbling sound. A tank!

Atomo unleashed hell with his pellet gun, but he didn't even make a dent. A muffled voice from inside said "My turn." A blast fired from the main cannon of the tank, and the three boys were blasted back. Seebercon tried to fire, but some sort of blue beam caught him in the chest, and he fell, unconscious. Xtremeo charged, and at the last second he twisted up and stabbed downwards with that midnight black blade of his. It cleaved through the shell like butter. "Yes!" Atomo thought to himself "We might actually win this!" Then, the latch opened, and a fist wearing a black gauntlet punched him off the tank with a loud thunk. Atomo charged. He picked up a cannon from the ground as he passed and let loose a missile. A cloud of smoke covered the tank, and when it cleared, the tank was in perfect condition, apart from that scar that Xtremeo had left there. Atomo blinked. A blast swept him off his feet, and the last thing he remembered before blacking out was seeing the latch slowly open.


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Light Warriors - (6) - Hunted

Chapter I

He woke.
He quickly scanned his surroundings. He was in a dark, damp cave. He checked his pack. All of his stuff was still there. Water dripped from the ceiling and hit the floor with a soft plunk. He turned around and saw an exit to the cave. He walked out. He was in a forest. A thick blanket of fog covered the wet and muddy ground. It looked like it had been raining recently. The branches of the ancient trees reached towards the starry sky, like if they did that for long enough they could pull themselves out of the forest. He walked along the muddy ground, leaving deep footsteps. A squirrel scampered across the ground. He didn't care. He walked on. A small bead of perspiration trickled down from his hair and ran down his shirt. He was getting tired, but still he plodded on. Suddenly he smelled smoke. Was that... fire? A wall of fire erupted from the trees behind him and he started running. The burning flames swallowed the trees and licked the forest floor. Then suddenly, he heard human voices. Panicked. He wanted to help, but he couldn't do anything. Then he saw a large rock and he dived right behind it. He saw two figures blur past. Human figures. Without thinking, he dived and tackled them both to safety. He glimpsed both of their faces. Both male. They rolled across the wet muddy ground for a while, and eventually stopped. Immediately Xtremeo said 
"What are you doing? You're gonna get yourself killed!"
 Both of the kids had fear shining through their eyes. One of them was wearing a muscle shirt and had light brown hair with eyes as black as coal. The other one had sandy golden hair and piercing electric-blue eyes that seemed to bore into his very soul. The one with the sandy hair said 
"Who are you?"
 Xtremeo replied
"Who are you?"
The kid with brown hair said 
"The name's Atomo. I know it's not a very common name, and I don't know why my parents named me that, either."
The kid with the golden hair said
"Mine's Seebercon. Same as Atomo, I don't know why my parents named me that either.
"Mine's Xtremeo," said Xtremeo. "I guess it's not a very common name either... Anyway, you still haven't answered my question. What are you doing here?"
"Well, it's a long story-"
Atomo's sentence was cut off by the barking of some wild dogs.
"Long story short, we're being chased by some crazy guy, probably a hobo, with a shotgun, and he wants us to join his crazy club." said Atomo
"What club?"
"I dunno, probably a hobo club."
Seebercon chuckled. 
The dogs suddenly burst through the trees and started to circle them, midnight black fur the color of the night sky above. The three boys jumped in surprise. Their gleaming yellow eyes burned with fury, like they wanted nothing more than to rip them apart. Which at the moment, they probably did.
"We're gonna have to fight our way through." Xtremeo quietly said. "Got any weapons?"
"Uhh... I've got my pocketknife.." said Seebercon warily.
"I've got a pellet gun in my bag..." said Atomo.
"Not good enough." said Xtremeo. "Here." Xtremeo passed them both pistols.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Atomo.

"Wait, what about you?" asked Seebercon.

In reply, Xtremeo pulled out his swords. 

"Whoa!" exclaimed Atomo again.

"You do know how to use these, right?" said Xtremeo.

"Of course we do!" said Seebercon.

The boys moved closer together, their backs to each other. The first hound leapt at them, and Xtremeo slashed downwards with Oblivion, cleaving the hound's skull in two. Although no physical steps were taken, the remaining hounds seemed to step back. Atomo squeezed the trigger and at the same time a hound leapt at him. Atomo stepped to one side as the dead body of the hound blurred past him. It skidded into the ground. The last hound leapt at Seebercon and he fired. But at the last second the hound twisted out of the way and knocked the gun from his hand. Seebercon whipped out his pocketknife, and unsheathed it. It seemed to glow green for a second, and then a green dagger of light plunged into the hound's back.

The knife was riddled with streams of green, like transparent veins and green blood.  Suddenly it started to grow until it was the size of a sword.

"How did you do that?" asked Xtremeo.

Then, suddenly, a blast rang out through the night. A split second later a shotgun shell hit the ground where Xtremeo had been standing moments before. He stared at where the shot had come from. A man stood next to a tree, plain fury etched onto his ugly face. He wore a dirty torn hunter's jacket and carried a sub machine gun in his left hand. In his right hand he carried a knife. His hair was dark and scruffy. He was wearing short pants and his legs were covered with long curly hairs. When he spoke, his voice dripped with venom.  "You killed my dogs. YOU KILLED MY DOGS!!"

He opened fire with the Uzi in his hand. Bullets spat into the ground. Xtremeo stabbed downwards with Oblivion, and cracks spread like a jigsaw across the ground. The man leaped just as the earth cracked apart, about to swallow him up like a hungry monster. The ground closed up, just as Atomo fired a bullet from his gun. The man slashed downwards with his knife, and the bullet bounced onto the floor. Seebercon whipped around and tried a slash with his sword. However, he clearly had no experience using a blade, and missed by a mile. The sword hit the ground and he tripped and tumbled over it. Seebercon fell, and the man lunged at him with the knife. Atomo yelled "No!" and suddenly a shield appeared between Seebercon and the man. The knife hit the shield and clattered uselessly to the floor.

"Wha...?" the man exclaimed.

Atomo waved his hand and a humongous spear, tipped with gleaming gold materialized in his hand. It had a dark wooden shaft, and a hilt studded with cobalt. He threw it and it stuck into the man's throat. The man gagged and fell to the floor. Suddenly, an explosion rocked the ground. Several men came out from the shadows and started running at them. They each had guns in their hands.

"Run!" screamed Xtremeo.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Light Warriors - Time Machine - [5]

He walked down to the armory. The stone staircase went very far down. Two guards stood there. He presented his clearing card and the guards let him in. He walked through the rows of weapons and moved on to the shelves of armor. He chose two arm guards and what looked like a thick, grey, bulletproof vest with silver wings.  He also took some boots that looked really good with the vest and the light helmet he was wearing. The boots had a wire that fit into his arm guard. He then noticed that his arm guard had a button attached onto it. He pressed the button, and he started to float. He looked at the boots.

He then noticed they were rocket boots. Then, he bumped his head on the ceiling. He pressed the button and fell to the floor and landed on his butt. He moved on and took some bulletproof jeans, a dagger, and a small Glock-17 pistol, and headed out. He went into his house on . A day earlier, he had got his mansion, which he had inherited from his father. He didn't think of it as his house, because it was a crazy idea, having a home  in the massive underground city. But for now, he had to report to the 7th war squad, the unit that he had been assigned to. Most of the people knew who he was, him being the son of one of one of the light warriors. But he didn't know them. He walked into the training building. He lined up with the rest of the squad. A woman wearing silver walked in front of the squad. She started to speak.

"My name is Althalgia, and I will be leading the squad today."  She paused, looked around, and continued.  "We will be going on  an operation to track down the thugs who are mining the planet's core. This planet is nearly depleted of resources, and if these people keep mining the core, the planet could implode.  This is an important mission. If we fail, the planet could be destroyed, and the human race would be no more. The survivors would have to find another habitable planet, and the nearest one, which is Lexilus 72-C, is more than a million light years away. And even if they got there, they would have to battle countless creatures that have already made their home there. So we must not fail."

And with that, they set off. They moved away from the city until they found a cave. They went in, leaving three men to stand guard outside the entrance. They moved quietly, and as they went deeper, they heard clanging noises and grunting. They turned a corner and saw a massive ball or rock and light, and men mining it with drills and machines. Two men saw them and pointed their guns at them.
"Halt!" one of them said.

Xtremeo whipped out his pistol and fired at one of the men, and one of the other squad members shot the other one. The other miners in the cave all pulled out weapons and aimed them. The squad retaliated by pulling out their weapons. The men fired, just as the squad pressed the triggers on their guns.  The squad kept on moving, getting out of the way of the bullets, but the miners just stayed where they were, like they wanted to die.

Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw one man planting an explosive on the core. Before anyone could do anything, he pressed the button. The core blinked yellow and then red. Xtremeo yelled out and pointed. The squad all ran out of the cave.

They rushed to the city, a ball of fire following them. More and more people followed. Xtremeo ran as fast as he could. Then, a voice said "Use the boots." He understood and pressed the button to activate the rocket boots. He zoomed into the air and met the Juggernaut in the sky. Immediately, the Juggernaut pressed a small, metal box with a red button into his hands. The Juggernaut said, "This is a last resort device to save humanity. Once you press that button, none of this will have happened. Once you are there, look for Atomo, Seebercon, Ionator, Electro, and me. Go. Press the button."

So he pressed it. And the world went dark.


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Book Review - [1] - Skulduggery Pleasant

Hello everybody, I decided to do a book recommendations series on my blog. I will try to upload more of these...

Name: Skulduggery Pleasant

Author: Derek Landy

Plot: In the Skulduggery pleasant series, there are nine books. This is the first. The book's main characters are Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain aka. Stephanie Edgely. I think it is one of the greatest books that I have ever read.

Story: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Light Warriors- Stories - [4]

When he came to, he was sitting in a damp, dark, metal room. There was nothing there except for a ceiling, walls, a floor, and a door. He felt around in his pockets. His heart sank. Oblivion wasn't there anymore. However, his mother's collection of jewels and his father's equipment were still in his bag. He took out the jewel necklace and looked at it.

For the first time, he wished he had a name.

He wished he had one. Apparently, his parents never had time to give him a name. He had always wanted one, he really did.

There was nothing in there that could help him to break out. Then, he felt his fingers close on something hard, cold and metal. As soon as he touched it,  light burst out of his bag like there was an explosion. He instantly knew what it was. He pulled it out and willed it into a sword. He plunged his sword into the wall and it cleaved through like it was butter."Honestly," he thought to himself as he walked out of the new hole in the wall, "What kind of stupid prison doesn't take your things away?" He then remembered that some of his gear, like the pickax and Oblivion, was missing. Thinking about it...  He had to get Oblivion and get out of there. He didn't know why he valued getting the sword, but some part of him was telling him to go for it. He saw a guard ahead. He remembered the fighting lessons he had had with his father, and leapt silently onto the guard, and put one hand over his mouth and stabbed him in the leg. The guard fainted and he took the guard's map of the prison. Reading the map and memorizing it, he headed towards the room where he was sure his equipment was in. The good news was there was only one guard  in front of the door. The bad news was that the guard saw him. The guard yelled and charged with his electric sabre.  The guard swung but it never made contact. He parried with morning star  and kicked the guard in the head. The guard went rigid, and fell flat on  his face. He charged into the room and grabbed Oblivion off of a shelf. He looked around and was tempted to take some of the weapons there. He shook the feeling off and ran out of the room. He charged straight out the door labelled "exit" and froze. This wasn't the exit! He looked around at his surroundings. There was a desk and two chairs and a suit of armor. A suit of armor pointing a gun right at his face. "Don't Move..." the suit of armor said. With a jolt he realized that there was someone inside the suit of armor. "Get in the chair." the suit of armor said. Slowly he moved into the chair. The suit of armor got into the other chair. The suit of armor spoke again:

"Okay.. let's start with the basics. Why are you here? And how did you break out?"

"Let me ask you a question. Who are you?

"You can call me the Juggernaut."

"Uhh.. Okay..."

Something about this man made him feel calmer.

"You still haven't answered my questions."

"Okay then.. I walked into this city of yours. Then, I get knocked out, and then I wake up in a jail cell. You guys forget to take away my sword, so I cut through the wall and escape."

"The sword you have in your hand?

"Uh, yeah."

"May I have a look at it?"

Reluctantly he handed it over.  "Really," he said to the Juggernaut, "Who are you?"

The Juggernaut sighed. It's a long story.

"It began on a ordinary day. People were going to work, driving their cars-"

"Wait... What are cars?"

"Ah.. Yes.. You weren't born back then. Cars were modes of transport. Anyways, one man just decided that the laws couldn't control him. Why couldn't he just do what he wanted? So he gathered up followers - and he attacked the government. He won. He declared himself dictator and removed all the laws. At first people were content. But then he showed his true colours.  He made up his own laws. His officials and guards were corrupt. In the end there was a rebellion. It escalated. It became a full scale war. Humanity was on the verge of destroying itself. Then, to end the war, the rebels blew up the sun. Only one in every ten survived. Me and a few others were off-world at the time. We came back to see our planet, Earth, obliterated. We moved to another habitable planet, called Kepler 186f. But when we got there, we saw signs of intelligent life.  Eventually, we saw them. The enemy. But it turned out that they got to us first. When we got back, we found our families all dead. We took a vow to get revenge. We pushed all of our tech to the limit. we discovered the wonders that humans and technology together could do. We fought back. But we didn't see the dictator anywhere. After about a hundred long, hard years, we finally drove them back. But then he returned. The dictator. But when he returned, he was only half a man. He was a skeleton.  He found a way to to keep his consciousness as a skeleton. Most of his flesh had seared away, revealing shiny burn marks on his bones. He doesn't feel pain, he can regrow his bones, and he is a demon with a scythe. But he hasn't made an appearance for years. But he still murders. Recently though, we received information about two skeletons in two separate places. With clear video evidence too. We know that the skeleton king - the dictator - Has made an appearance. But we have no idea who the other skeleton is. Our legends speak of an evil so powerful that once in a million years, it murders half of all the life in the universe. And If these legends are correct, the evil spirit should have started killing by now. You asked who I am. I am a rebel, a warrior, and a leader. I am the founder of the four light warriors. You see this suit of armor. It is of my own design. But I took an oath to avenge humanity, to slay the skeleton king. All four of us did. And I won't stop until he's dead. As for you, you don't have a name. I know you. You are one of the children who were at the camp the night it was attacked on Kepler 186f. They wiped your memory and modified it. You were the child of my best friend. His name was Commander Pulse. At least, that was his code name. He died fending off the monsters. You have no memories of him, only of a fake father and a fake family. Your code name is Xtremeo. I knew you were his son the moment you walked in. You look like a clone of your father. You also somehow inherited his swords. He preferred swords to guns. Easier to use, more deadly at close range, and the special properties of the swords."

"Special properties?"

"They had powers. Oblivion could conjure very, very small black holes, and also add to your strength. Morning star would heal your wounds and give you resistance to bullets and sword strikes."

He looked at his swords. Nothing especially special..

The Juggernaut continued. "I built this city myself, to try to recreate humanity. Most of the people here are robots, only one in a thousand are humans. Our numbers are thinner than ever, but with recent tech, we can live nearly forever, we have enhanced strength, speed, and agility, and we definitely know how to stay alive.  But beyond this city, there are many unspoken horrors. And now the skeleton has reappeared. It is all out war. We fight to preserve life, to keep some sort of life in the universe. He fights to destroy it."

"So where do I come in?"

The Juggernaut  replied "Ever been in battle?"

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Light Warriors - Morning Star - [3]

Climbing into the dark chamber, down the bare iron ladder, he kept going down and down until the darkness swallowed him. He looked down, wondering if this tunnel had an end. And there he saw it. The glowing light shone, at the end  of the ladder. But it seemed to have an eerie glow to it. His brain split into two parts. Half of it wanted to see what was making it glow. The other part wanted to run away and hide. Both screamed at him and made his head hurt. Instinctively, he pulled out his gun. Slowly he descended down towards the glow.

The glow wasn't a normal glow, but it was more of a frog green glow. He aimed the gun down. It seemed to take forever, but eventually he made it down. The half of his brain that wanted to run away started screaming even louder. He looked around for the source of the glow, but the brilliant light seemed to appear out of nowhere. He heard a clacking noise behind him. He turned quickly, and saw a thing of impossibility. A living skeleton, wielding a scythe and wearing a dark brown cloak. The cloak was still totally smooth, even though it should have been creased. He took out the gun and, without thinking, fired. The ray that came out of the gun just dissipated as it touched the cloak of the monster. The skeleton took a step forward and he took a step back, firing. This time, the skeleton took out his scythe and seemed to push at the air and the ray reversed, flying towards him. He dodged the ray and fired the gun again. The skeleton splayed his free hand and reversed the other ray, hitting the gun. The gun dissipated into steam and he dropped it in surprise. He gulped and took out the only method of defense he had left: The midnight black sword, Oblivion. He took it out of his belt and swung recklessly at the skeleton. The skeleton parried with the tip of his scythe with ease. The skeleton spun and brought the tip of the scythe down. He chopped at the scythe, hoping to block it. He managed to cut it in half, but that didn't stop the scythe from hitting his eye. He screamed a scream of pain and the skeleton screamed an inhuman scream of rage. Then the skeleton spoke. As he whispered, it sounded like a hundred voices were whispering at once. "I'm not done with you." Then, as quickly as he appeared, he vanished into thin air. 

Stunned by what had just happened, for about a minute he just stared. Then he realized there was something where the skeleton had vanished. A golden star, glowing not as the corridor was glowing, but with a warm, golden glow. He wondered if the star was really a star and not a bomb or a weapon in disguise. As soon as he thought that, it changed, and he was suddenly holding two swords, one golden and one midnight black. He stared at the golden sword in awe. It seemed to heal all the cuts and scrapes from the crash. But there was one scar that nothing could heal. The scar across his eye was still burning as if it were on fire. He then realized he could only see with one eye. He looked around, and nearly fainted. His other eye was lying in a mess on the ground. Ignoring the pain, he staggered through the dark, bare, metal corridor. No destination in mind, no end in sight, he ventured on and on and on and on. Still holding both swords, he held up the golden one for light. Then, he saw a wall, with a metal circle in the middle. In the middle of the circle was a slot that he could put his sword in. He stuck Oblivion inside but nothing happened.  So he stuck Morning Star inside, and surprisingly, it fit really easily. He took the sword out for more light again, but as soon as he did, the dead end opened up into a massive urban metropolis. Amazed at what he saw, he stepped inside. Humanity was supposed to be dying, but to discover a huge city here was just amazing.  He made the mistake of turning the golden sword - a sword called Morning Star, back into it's sheath mode, the mini golden star, and turning Oblivion back into a dagger. He put them into his sword scabbard, the one he had gotten from his father. 

Then the last thing he saw was a flash of grey, and everything went black.

To be continued...

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hong Kong Historical sites: Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda

The Tsui sing Lau Pagoda is the only surviving ancient pagoda in Hong Kong. It is a declared monument.

It was built by the seventh-generation ancestor, Tang Yin-tung, to avoid, prevent floods and help the Tangs win something. Built on a low foundation, the pagoda once had seven flooors, but it now only has three. it is made of mud bricks and granite. It is shaped like a hexagon, and on the ground and second floors there are writings engraved such as The pagoda of gathering stars and Light shines straight onto the dippers and the enclosures.

Image result for Tsui Sing Lau pagoda
The Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Light Warriors - Cosmic Battle - Part [2]

The frost curled around the wood, making it seem like the wood had turned blue. Ice spread across the glass panes. Vines and moss stuck to the spruce planks. A grim, dark graveyard with dark green grass stood on the plain icy land.

And yet it was possible for someone to live here.

The wind roared. No, it howled. It howled with such ferocity that some of the mighty spruce trees fell to the ground. The cloaked figure glided through the dark, stormy night. Yellow eyes peered out from under the dark brown cloak. A bang echoed through the night, followed by a dying whimper. A fox fell to the ground, unmarked and uninjured, expect for the fact that it was dead. No footprints followed this creature of darkness, and yet it moved smoothly towards the wooden shack. One of the windows had light coming out from it. The rest of the grim home was covered in a blanket of darkness. Suddenly, at the end of the lawn, there was a loud boom. A humongous block of metal rose into the sky. No, wait, was that really a chunk of metal? No, it was a cosmic cruiser, rising for one final journey through space. The hooded figure glided faster. He took out his scythe. The wind seemed to speak as the creature of darkness opened its mouth.


It took off. The engines glowed bright blue.


And the ship vanished into infinity, in a bright, sapphire blast.


The shimmering portal illuminated the damp, dark cave. What would happen when he went through? Where was the portal leading to? A thousand questions formed in his mind. Was this a death trap? Would he survive?  "Well," he thought. "You'll never find out if you never jump in." He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and leapt in.

When he gained consciousness again, he was sitting on a bare metal floor. A majestic hall of - what was that? Silver? The portal behind him was still activated. A shiny, polished jewel floor and crystal chandeliers suggested that this place belonged to someone - or something - who had loads of luxurious items. He stood up. On a quartz table, he saw something that looked like a gun. He grabbed it and discovered that it was very heavy. "Good," He thought, "That must mean it's loaded." Having been raised in a world filled with monsters, where danger lurked around every corner, he had learned to keep a weapon on him at all times. This place though... On that world, he had been the last human in existence. The rest of the humans had been exterminated. He and his family had managed to live in peace for some years before one of the demons spotted him through the window and the house was attacked and they had been separated. The last he saw of his father was him going into the cave. And as for his mother.. after the attack, he had never seen her again.

He heard the sound of feet coming down the hall and he hid behind the table. He pulled out the gun. Expecting to see a horrifying beast, he put his finger on the trigger and fired. The thick, blue beam that came out of it shot with lightning speed and when he looked at what he had just shot he put his head in his hands. He had just shot an old man.

He looked at the smoking gun, now shining blue. He looked at it in a fury. He had probably just shot the last human being on earth, other than himself. He looked around frantically. He saw what looked like a spike with wings, and on those wings, different needles of different sizes were stuck there. Hearing more footsteps, having nowhere else to hide, he dived into the open hatch on the spike-plane thingy. This time, he saw the real monster. It must have been hunting this old man. The beast wasn't used to have spent so much time hunting something, and then to suddenly find its prey dead, on the floor of its own manor. Confused, it let out a weak roar.

Suddenly, he realized what this spike-plane was. He pressed a red button on the panel of buttons. The engines revved and at once he knew he had pressed the wrong button. He had meant to hit the fire button - but it looked like he had hit the start-the-ship button. He uttered a curse and took the steering stick. There were two red buttons on top of the two sticks, and he knew what they did. But just as he was about to fire at the demon that had turned his head to where he was hiding, the ship gave a mighty lurch and before he knew it, he had shot past the atmosphere of this planet and into open space.

Once he got used to the feeling of flying through space at about a million miles per hour, he started calming down. Suddenly, a radar screen on his right showed loads of red little dots. Even smaller dots came out of the larger dots and swirled around them. Every so often, a dot would glow white then red, white, and then red, until it grew huge and disappeared. He looked up through the glass and saw humongous star cruisers and starfighters shooting lasers at each other. "What the --?" He saw that some of the fighters were the same as his, and the other fighters were slightly different - they were blue and more heavily armed. Suddenly, two of the blue starfighters broke off from the battle and started flying towards him. They started firing at him, and he let his instincts take over. Fly up, Fly down, aim, fire, repeat. After about twenty seconds, both of the enemy starfighters lay in smoky debris. He started celebrating a little to early and his arm hit a faded yellow button that said:


Looking closer, he noticed it actually said:


"Oh, hell," he said as the fighter zoomed through space.

He got hit by lasers at least fifty times as the ship zoomed through the battle zone. Damaged and battered, it zoomed through space for at least two hours until he saw a brilliant grey moon. Then he realized he was speeding towards it. He tried to disable the autodrive for the millionth time, and was unsuccessful. He braced for impact and --

When he came to, there was a parachute covering him. He took it off and he stood up. The floor seemed like metal. He looked at this bare planet. He saw a trapdoor. He opened it up. A ladder made out of metal went deep down into the hole. He looked around at  this bare world. There was nothing except for this. If he didn't find food and water soon, he would perish on this lonely world. He dropped into the hole, and started climbing down the ladder.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Light Warriors - Oblivion - Part [1]

I've decided to start a new series of posts on my blog, which are basically installments of a story which I made up myself. I hope you enjoy!



His blood dripped onto the rock. The glittering crystals shone against the pale, black stone. Was this cave supposed to be a challenge? This was too easy. A spike impaled the wall behind him, and an arrow missed him by a mile. Turning a corner, he stopped. An unmistakable groaning sound was coming from down that hallway. Pulling out his sleek black pistol,  he took aim at the bend. His torch felt like it was floating away from his hand as the lights went out. For the first time, he felt scared. "Get a grip on yourself," he said with difficulty, because his teeth were chattering gently. "The curse of Oblivion is a folk tale and not to be believed!" A tremendous roar filled the chamber, and as he turned. A pair of red eyes stared right back at him. He screamed and fired his pistol. Fear flooded through him. He watched as the bullet sailed through the air for a split second before turning and sprinting with all his might towards the way he came. A sharp pain came from his right thigh. He risked a glance down and looked at his leg. An arrow was sticking out of his thigh. The arrow launcher! Why hadn't he remembered that there was a trap here?  Cursing, he continued running, but he kept stumbling through the traps, until finally, the ravenous beast caught up with him, and death claimed his soul.


It just wasn't right. It just wasn't. All this mist in the middle of July. And the hurricane that had killed all those people and destroyed all those houses. And the murders of all those people. And the plane that disappeared in broad daylight, claiming the lives of hundreds of innocent people. Something was really wrong. Looking out the window, he heaved a sigh. His parents were dead. His brother was dead.  He looked at the silver knife that lay upon the kitchen table. He walked out of the lonely sitting room. He looked out at the door at the withered grass around his feet. He felt a surge of anger, and kicked the fence. The wooden planks that were once sturdy fell to the ground with a thump. He tried to calm himself. He took a deep breath. He looked at the once busy, now silent city. He walked back into the house and picked up his bag. Inside were food rations, a few full water bottles, some spare clothes, a torch, and a first-aid kit. He looked at the silver knife on the table. He thought about it for a minute, and picked up the knife and slipped it into his belt, which contained his father's black pistol, his home-made binoculars, and strange purse that his father had left him in his will, before his father vanished into the cave.

He heard a rustling sound behind him. Without thinking, he threw the knife. It whistled through the air before carving itself through the masked man's throat, before returning to his hand. He looked at the knife in his hand. He couldn't believe what he had just done. He had just killed someone. But this man was probably going to kill him anyway. But how was he awake? Turning to the masked man he looked at what he had. He had a baseball bat in his hand, and a pistol in the other. Pocketing the pistol, he glanced at the bat. It seemed like there was something strange about it. He picked it up as well, took another look at it, and threw it over the fence, into the valley. It flew like a boomerang back to him. He glared at the bat. He threw it again. This time, it looked like it had vanished. He smiled and turned only to feel the bat hit the back of his back. He wasn't smiling then.

He got up and looked down the road. The street where there would be hundreds of cars speeding through it was now silent. He walked through the street without looking, and opened the purse. Inside were more things that an ordinary purse could hold. There was a map,  a pair of  mechanical boots, made out of, what was that, titanium? He put on the boots. He looked inside again. He took out the helmet with a visor. It was just his size. But why would he need it?

He looked at the map. The cave was on there, marked with an X. He wondered why. He turned towards the cave. He pulled out the silver knife. He then realized he had a bloody nose. Instead of tending to it, he had the feeling that letting it drop down onto the rocks would be better. Suddenly, the moss covering the cave dissipated leading to a polished purple door. He could barely hide his shock. He tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. He took the knife and stuck it into the lock. The door flew open. His mouth fell open. Crystals littered the ground and the walls. He stepped through, and stepped past sharp crystals. Suddenly, an arrow hit the wall to his left. He realized he had snagged a tripwire.

Frowning, he picked up the arrow and put it in the purse. He went from room to room. There was one room where he had to use a bow and arrow to hit a button. There was another where he had to battle a robotic garden gnome. Then, finally, he got into a long corridor. His senses went on the alert, there was a strange feel about this place. He saw two gleaming red lights. But they were moving. Then he realized that they were eyes. And they were getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. He pressed a button on the helmet instinctively, and suddenly, he could see in the dark. He looked at the massive demon. He held a black crystal blade and he had blood-red skin. He had two massive horns sticking out of his forehead just above the ears. He felt a funny feeling, like he should be feeling something else. He then realized  that he should be terrified, but he wasn't.

He realized he couldn't fight this beast. It was too strong. He opened his mother's handbag, and, hoping that there would be something of use in there; he was not disappointed. He took out the golden amulet with seven different crystals engraved into it. "I must be mad," he thought as he walked towards the beast, and held out the amulet. The beast, instead of growling and charging, took the amulet from the boy and handed him the sword. The beast then disappeared into thin air. There was a portal, glowing a pale baby blue. He looked at his new sword. There was a name engraved into the hilt.